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Rurban by Roots Studio

Rurban by Roots Studio

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GBA is proud to support the development and launch of Rurban by Roots Studio – contemporary streetwear co-created with Indigenous artists from around the world.
For almost a decade, the social enterprise Roots Studio has worked with Indigenous artist collectives in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to digitize their cultural works for use in new and unexpected ways. By building bridges between artists and the global fashion market, Roots Studio helps to amplify Indigenous voices, preserve endangered creativity, and facilitate economic sustainability through art.
Roots Studio Founder Rebecca Hui says, “‘Rurban’ celebrates the in-between of the rural and the urban – the unexpected wonder created when cultures from global villages and city streets collide. Rurban fuses the best of both worlds to create unique, ethical, and sustainable pieces. Can “cultural preservation” move beyond static anthropological nostalgia to a dynamic, evolving, creative collaboration? Rurban aims to do this.”

Roots Studio will launch a series of three Rurban collections in the second half of 2023 with GBA. A 20% royalty from net profits goes directly to the Indigenous artists and community funds in their villages. The first drop includes a selection of limited-edition t-shirts, hoodies, jean jackets, and hand-embroidered shirts featuring Indigenous artwork from the Bhil, Gond, and Warli tribal artist communities in India. The second drop will launch in late September featuring mashups with iconic NYC labels 3.1 Phillip Lim, NOAH, and Triple Five Soul, followed by a third drop for the holidays.




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