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When Camella Ehlke founded her clothing label Triple Five Soul in 1989 out of a beat-up storefront in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the term streetwear didn’t really exist—and at the time, it certainly wasn’t a global $185-billion industry. The designer started sewing pieces made from dead stock fabrics, blending the colorful styles of New York hip-hop and California surf into one covetable downtown look. Her streetwise clothes were embraced by rappers, DJs, skaters, artists, and the like. Before long, Triple Five Soul was stocked across the globe, and the label was selling millions of dollars of clothes a year.

PocketmanRegular price$3,800.00
Cut-Off Jeans GUBI Grace Chairs
Cut-Off Jeans GUBI Grace ChairsRegular price$3,800.00
001. One Love Community
001. One Love CommunityRegular price$1,500.00
002. One Love Community
002. One Love CommunityRegular price$1,500.00
003. One Love Community
003. One Love CommunityRegular price$1,500.00
MJ Backpack Pouf 1 (Hoodie Series)
MJ Backpack Pouf 1 (Hoodie Series)Regular price$1,800.00
Anchor (Hoodie Series)
Anchor (Hoodie Series)Regular price$3,200.00
Good Morning (Hoodie Series)
Good Morning (Hoodie Series)Regular price$2,200.00
Pleats on Pleats
Pleats on PleatsRegular price$3,200.00
Pink (Hoodie Series)
Pink (Hoodie Series)Regular price$2,200.00
Monstera (Hoodie Series)
Monstera (Hoodie Series)Regular price$2,200.00
Hot Date (Ladies of Leisure)
Hot Date (Ladies of Leisure)Regular price$3,200.00
Sheer Bliss (Ladies of Leisure)
Sheer Bliss (Ladies of Leisure)Regular price$3,200.00
Fuzzy Friends: Friend 02 [Soulmates Collection]
Fuzzy Friends: Friend 02 [Soulmates Collection]Regular price$1,500.00
Fuzzy Friends: Friend 01 [Soulmates Collection]
Fuzzy Friends: Friend 01 [Soulmates Collection]Regular price$1,500.00
Lovers Locket: Peace Man [Soulmates Collection]
Lovers Locket: Peace Man [Soulmates Collection]Regular price$1,500.00
Lovers Locket: Pink Lady [Soulmates Collection]
Lovers Locket: Pink Lady [Soulmates Collection]Regular price$1,500.00
Sisters: Apple Bottom [Soulmates Collection]
Sisters: Apple Bottom [Soulmates Collection]Regular price$1,500.00
Sisters: Bonita [Soulmates Collection]
Sisters: Bonita [Soulmates Collection]Regular price$1,500.00
Sol [Soulmates Collection]
Sol [Soulmates Collection]Regular price$800.00
Moon [Soulmates Collection]
Moon [Soulmates Collection]Regular price$800.00
Monstera [Hoodie Series]
Monstera [Hoodie Series]Regular price$1,500.00
Good Morning [Hoodie Series]
Good Morning [Hoodie Series]Regular price$1,500.00
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